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Client Testimonials

Dr Devanand Crease, Patent Attorney, Keltie LLP (United Kingdom)

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Cantab IP on several complex IP matters over the past 15 years. Cantab IP have represented the interests of a diverse range of my clients in the fields of life sciences, speciality chemicals and oil & gas. Their responsiveness, depth of legal knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail have been invaluable. Their proactive approach and commitment to excellence set them apart from their competitors.

If I have a query requiring a commercial approach I would always look to Dr Khoo and his team to provide the solution. I highly recommend Cantab IP for any patent, trademark and general IP services.”

Professor Adrian F Davis, Limeway Pharma Design (United Kingdom)

“Limeway Pharma Design Ltd have been a client of Cantab IP for almost 10 years, so from when I set up the company. [Our] patents [in South East Asia] have all been granted and with very little fuss...based on Chong-Yee’s experience with the procedural and legal requirements. [We] share an interest in the science, which helps greatly as there is some complexity.

Irene Low, who manages our logistics, is just a joy to work with and absolutely client focused. Despite the time differences, UK-Singapore, I get responses within 24 hours.”

US Patent Attorney, Top Tier Firm (United States of America)

“I first worked with Dr. Chong-Yee Khoo when he was with a UK patent firm prior to his founding of Cantab IP, and he has represented my clients’ IP interests in Singapore ever since. Chong-Yee has reliably provided valuable insights and creative assistance in securing patent protection for my clients who include start-ups and major private and public U.S. research institutions.

Chong-Yee is remarkably well-versed in patent law, on both a general global scale and with regard to the details of practice in Singapore. He is a pleasure to work with and has become very much a trusted advisor to me and to a number of colleagues at my firm.”

Client (United Kingdom)

“I have known Dr Chong-Yee Khoo for nearly 24 years. In that time I have been constantly impressed with the depth of his legal expertise and the scientific rigour with which he approaches every task. His work is both rapid and thorough, and the solutions he proposes are solid and well thought through.

My company has worked with Cantab IP since its inception, and we have no hesitation in recommending it for Singapore-related matters to all of our clients, both academic and SME clients as well as large industrial clients.“

Andy Leppard, Patent Attorney, Script IP (United Kingdom)

“I have worked with Dr Khoo for more than 20 years. In that time I am found him to be a knowledgeable, diligent and conscientious attorney. His work is of excellent quality and he is imaginative in finding sometimes unconventional solutions to problems.

I would certainly prefer to have him on my side, rather than have him acting for a competitor.”

Joseph Basista & Sandra Saenz, US Patent Attorneys, BrainSpark Associates LLC (United States of America)

“Cantab IP’s expertise and assistance has been invaluable in our efforts to obtain patent protection for our clients in Singapore. Cantab IP’s personnel are extremely knowledgeable about the patent process and various protection strategies, they are always ready and willing to provide constructive and helpful advice and guidance, and they a highly trusted patent advisor for our intellectual property team. We would highly recommend Cantab IP to anyone seeking assistance with their intellectual property needs.”

Vi Vien Lee, Patent Counsel, Wilmar International (Singapore)

“Chong-Yee is one of the few patent attorneys who is able to facilitate and assist inventors in charting future research direction based on their current inventions and work. A keen mind armed with great depth of knowledge, and displaying a tenacity in seeking solutions, Chong-Yee consistently delivers timely quality work and is a pleasure to work with.”

Client (United Kingdom)

“Chong-Yee is an excellent, professional resource for patent work based in Singapore - simply a pleasure to work with: extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and amicable.”

Dr Catharina Stenholm, Patent Attorney, Dako A/S (Denmark)

“Chong-Yee is a very competent and pleasant person, and he is always ready to share his great knowledge with you. One may never leave a discussion with Chong-Yee empty-handed.”

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Industry Awards

Who's Who Legal 2024

WWL Ranking: Global Elite Thought Leader (IP - Patent Agents and Attorneys)

Who's Who Legal 2024

WWL Ranking: Recommended (Southeast Asia - Patent Agents and Attorneys)

The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2023

At Cantab IP, Chong-Yee Khoo...has a flair for the fine print of life sciences-related patent applications.

The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2018

A “peerless” practitioner at Cantab IP, Chong-Yee Khoo is a source of “efficient, clear and excellent” patent prosecution advice. “Well-thought out legal strategy and a deep technical understanding, especially in the biotechnology sphere” are the distinct hallmarks of his approach.

The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2017

“A Cambridge natural sciences scholar with an extensive research background, Chong-Yee Khoo of Cantab IP is one of the most eminent life sciences experts in Singapore. He is a fine patent attorney too, qualified in the United Kingdom and at the European Patent Office, and the first Singaporean patent attorney to qualify by examination.”

The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2016

Recommended for patent prosecution in Singapore.

Cantab Intellectual Property’s Chong-Yee Khoo is one of Singapore’s most respected life sciences authorities. “With his technical knowledge, he can spot and forestall any potential problems that many others might miss at first glance.”

The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2015

Recommended for patent prosecution in Singapore.

Chong-Yee Khoo is a “rare bird – he manages to blend staggering legal skill with unparalleled insight into the life sciences”. He is the key figure at biotechnology-focused boutique Cantab.

The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2014

Recommended for patent prosecution in Singapore.

Chong-Yee Khoo of Cantab IP “is very strong in his pharmaceuticals niche. While his boutique ensemble is small, he punches well above his weight and has an exceptional grasp of complex technical issues.”

Patent Law Firm of the Year in Singapore 2014

2011 Singapore Boutique IP Law Firm of the Year Award