Singapore Registered Design Guide

Singapore Registered Design Guide

How to File a Design Application in Singapore

1. Name of Article

Please let us have a name for the article on the design is applied. Please use generic terms and do not include any description of the article.

2. Set of Articles

Articles in a set must share the same design or the same design with modifications or variations not sufficient to alter the character or substantially to affect the identity thereof. The articles comprise two or more objects that commonly come together in a set or are intended for use together.

Please let us know if the application is in respect of a set of articles, together with a name for the set (e.g., “a cutlery set” or “a tea set”).

Please ignore this requirement if the design registration is in respect of a single article.

3. Views of the Article(s)

IPOS allows an applicant to submit up to 10 views of the design. Each view must be set out in a separate image file.

Image Files

Please provide us up to 10 image files, which:

The views must not include any dimensional markings, any words describing the design or any parts of the design, or any trade mark material.

Please let us have your instructions if you wish us to prepare the views or image files on your behalf.

Annex A

IPOS allows the applicant to nominate a view as “Annex A”, which will be published in the Designs Journal and viewable as a thumbnail image on the search results of a electronic Designs register search.

If you wish to nominate a particular view, please let us have your instructions.

If the application is for a set of articles, the view for Annex A must show the design as applied to each view as a set.

If we do not receive specific instructions, we shall not nominate a view as Annex A for publication.

4. Priority Details

If the registered design application claims convention priority to an earlier application filed in a country that is a party to the Paris Convention or The World Trade Organisation, please let us have details of the filing date, serial number and country concerned of the earlier filing.

The convention period for registered design applications in Singapore is 6 months from the date of the priority application.

If the applicant of the priority application is not the same as the applicant of the Registered Design in Singapore, please provide details of the chain of title:

5. Statement of Novelty

A Statement of Novelty, which is a description of the features of the design which the applicant considers are new, is required for applications for all articles except for textiles.

Please let us have a Statement of Novelty with your instructions. If you wish us to draft a Statement of Novelty for you, please let us have your instructions.

Examples of Statements of Novelty:

6. Disclaimers

Please let us know if there any words, numerals or other features that are incorporated into the representation of the design which are intended to be excluded from protection.

For example, if a major part of an article to which your design applies contains words, letters, trade marks and/or numerals, the Statement of Novelty might also include the following: “No claim is made to any right to the exclusive use of the word, letters, trade mark* or numerals* appearing in the design.” (* as appropriate)

7. Classification

Please provide the class and subclass number of the Locarno classification of the articles for the design. More than one class may be specified for composite articles.

8. Applicant Details

For each applicant who is an individual (natural person):

For each applicant which is a corporate body (legal person):

Type of Corporate Body

For corporate applicants, we are required to declare the “Constitution Type” of each applicant body.

Please choose the most appropriate description of the corporate status of each applicant from this list:

9. Derivation of Rights

Please let us know whether each of the applicants is also a designer.

If not all of the applicants are also designers, please let us have details of how the applicant(s) derived their or its rights to the design from each of the designers:

10. Miscellaneous

Associated Design

Please provide the application or registration number of any earlier design applications or registrations for association under Section 10 of the Singapore Registered Design Act. If the applicant of the associated design is not the same as the applicant of the Registered Design in Singapore, please provide details of the chain of title (see below).


If you have any questions on registered designs, please get in touch with us.